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Why Archsteel Company


The main specialization of the “ArchSteel” Company K-span Type frameless construction works. This a new way in construction field for classical and light metal structures in Azerbaijan, supported with  high-tech

Less Budget and duration

Lightness of arched structures; Less foundation expenses; the absence of steelwork structures;  new technology; modern equipment; quick installation; professional approach.

High maintenance performances

Temperature range -60 C to +60 C; seismic resistance up to 9 balls  by Richter; Exploitation period is more than 50 years; 100% air and water tightness , high endurance to snow and wind.

Self-production and construction mobility

“ArchSteel” Company is professional engineering team; high quality abroad-trained site team; on-site-production mobile plant;  high quality material suppliers  the possibility of erecting facilities in tight sites  and next to other objects.


With an emphasis on the quality of constructed facilities, “ArchSteel” Company guarantee the quality and durability of all erected facilities as our company in charge with all Azerbaijan State Institutions and International organizations experienced in this field. All Site works handling according GOST, Snip and other International norms