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Designed to build mono- and multi- functional structures. The K-span meets a full range of needs at any remote site. K-span system facilities are rust-free, watertight and fireproof and can last more than 50 years. K-span structures – strong, durable buildings in a large range of sizes and even expands existing structures.

Fields of application

Cold storage, covered livestock pens, , farming cooperatives, food storage and processing, distribution and warehousing, hothouses, barns and stables.

Factories, laboratories, office parks, refineries and other processing plants, roofing companies and warehouses, bus and train stations, covered storage for industrial waste.

Hangars, boat sales, covered walkways, market places/bazaars, residential common areas, self-storage facilities, gas stations, telecommunication infrastructure coverage, vehicle dealerships.

Public Works
Administrative buildings, guardrails, pumping stations, airport hangars, maintenance facilities, baggage handling and storage, meeting halls, prisons, reception, gymnasiums, roadside storage, tunnel lining.

Barracks and dormitories, equipment maintenance and repair workshops, stores and warehouses, border posts, aircraft and helicopter hangars, covered aircraft shelters, training buildings.

Humanitarian Aid
Clinics, shelters (personnel and food distribution), storage, food distribution locales, sanitary facilities, homeless shelters, base camp facilities for support of peacekeeping and humanitarian operations.

Dormitories, summer houses, light structures and summer shelters.

Major global companies: housing for their workforce, hydroelectric projects, offices, oil and gas refineries, power plants, storage for equipment, support facilities; re-roofing existing structures.

Amusement park shelters, camping facilities, enclosed sport facilities: tennis courts, golfing ranges, ice rinks; mini-football fitness centers, tourist shelters, swimming pools and vacation homes.


Custom facilities, free trade zones, facilities for maritime administrations and ports