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Duration and expences

Our “K-span mobile plant”, bending galvanized sheets in two directions; longitudinal and transverse, as a result there is forming initial tension in the metal, which makes structure  more sustainable to the influence of snow and wind loads inspite of the fact that this is framelles type of construction.  K-span system buildings due-to record construction speed (i.e more than 1000 sqm/week), prices around 60 AZN per square meter. For comparison Steelwork structures of the construction of the same unit will be 94 AZN per square meter and concrete/masonry is  84 AZN.  These rough calculations are base for following thought – K-span cares about  life, time and budget.

Table of differences from other construction technologies (Example)

Size:20x50x6m; Area: 1000sqm;Perimeter: 140m

description: Reinforced-concrete framed (brick masonry) Steelwork structure on supports Pure K-span Combined K-span
details: with steel trusses roofing system
covered with 0,55mm steel sheets
with steel trusses roofing system
covered with 0,55mm steel sheets
made of galvanized sheet
arches and end walls
Steelwork structure on supports
with k-span roofing system
foundation&floor (m3) 284 235,2 222,4 222,4
walls (m2) 700 700 220 280
cover (m2) 1100 1100 1250 1150
workforce/equipment (units) 28/9 34/11 21/6 24/8
max duration (days) 60 45 30 35


    From table above we can observe followings: shortest duration, lowest material consumption and manpower and equipment requirements, which gives to “Archsteel” Company more advantages (with K-span systems).