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  1. K-span Buildings are constructed on a continuous concrete strip footing along the building. It fits all kinds of soils, as the roof and wall loads are transferred to the foundation through the base of each arch.
  2. No Structural farming as trusses or any nuts, bolts, rivets or screws are required to erect a K-SPAN manufactured building.
  3. Steel is formed and produced at the mill by cold roll forming process according to the specifications of construction norms (both local and international – See: Standards) which keeps the physical parameters of the steel during the process of manufacturing.
  4. The K-SPAN steel buildings are waterproofed, because the arches are seamed together in a totally waterproof joint (no holes, bolts, screws etc)
  5. The arches’ shape of the building gives the possibility to disperse the forces’ effect on the building whether it was air pressure, explosions, earthquakes.
  6. The inside thermal, acoustic, and fire protection insulation for ( K-SPAN) steel buildings are less expensive than any insulations of the conventional steel buildings.
  7. Because of its weather protection capabilities, the K-SPAN steel system is preferred to cover basins and stadiums where there is too much steam, salts and humidity.
  8. K-SPAN protection facilities are distinguished with their architectural, geometrical and beautiful designs that complete the outside view of the building with an artistic touch of beauty, whether it was outside or inside the building.