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Quickest structure erection method

  • K-span and Super-span

What is K-span and Super-Span?

  • This is new construction product “arch-form” reflected(formed) both in its shape, its cross section. Such constructions can stand load without any internal support!

What is history of K-span system buildings?

  • The history of self-supported (frameless) construction system buildings goes far i.e to after II world War period. Owner of Construction Company “Wonder Building” met to originartors, owning of patent revolutionary self-supported steel arched structure in 1949.  In the early years of “Wonder Building (WB)” business they concentrated their main sales on hangars and other military buildings and agricultural buildings as well as including  wheat, potato and vegetable warehouses. In 1970, Knudson company continue the development of self-supported arched technology. A number of the original patented engineering solutions proposed, what is led to born of new generaton mobile-equipment on wheels. On this platform were placed two lines: bending by the method of formation and contraction of the panel.

Constructional limits of K-span/Super-span technology

  • Maximum width 40m; maximum length unlimited; maximum height 15m

Main points of this construction system succes

  • Low-cost and quick mounting – main causes of this technology succes.

Current owner of k-span/super-span technology

  • In 1980 MIC Industries (USA) company has got patent of the preparation of K-Span Frameless construction considered the most common and effective method of construction in USA.

Company in Azerbaijan building K-span System buildings

  • “Archsteel” LLC. Taking into acount development of Republic of Azerbaijan, especially intensity of construction developmen rates at last K-span System technologies came to Azerbaijan with “ArchSteel” Company. ”ArchSteel” company were founded by Group of Engineers, looking for introduction of lead world technologies in Azerbaijan in 2014. With this innovative system of construction “Archsteel” Company able to support  many fields as military, agricaltural, oil&gas etc.

Archsteel company Goals

  • Technological revolution in civil and industrial constructions. Saying short “We BuildQuick – You Save&Safe”